Someone Else’s Silk is a collaboration between photographer Margot Errante and kimono collector Prerna Chainani. It is a performance about empathy and the ability to go beyond the Self. The performance took place in Hong Kong in October 2018. It began with sitters selecting a kimono from a range of over 200 early Taishō to Mid-Shōwa pieces. Based on the selection, Errante and Chainani determined the Sitter’s transformation using hair and make-up. During this process, they were not given the opportunity to see themselves in the mirror. Rather, they were asked to feel the metamorphosis through movement and touch. Only once the transformation was complete and they had been dressed in the kimono were they able to see their own reflection. They were then taken into the shooting room, where Chainani revealed the identity of the former owner of the garment via poetry or prose. She then left the room for Errante to take the portrait. Once the prints ready, a final exhibition of the portraits - The Unveiling - was given to show sitters the results.