We spend much of our days chasing the light, bright, the stark, the sometimes over-exposed… With a delicate and voluptuous precision, Margot invites us to dance in the dark, to revel in the innuendo of shadows and restraint, and to re-anoint our feelings and memories of China with this, her, journey over two decades from China's adolescent dreams at the fall of Communism to the glittering modern reality of capitalism, her compass ever pointed towards recognising and celebrating moments of humanity.

 “China is about the unspoken, and photography about the unseen. We need to train our ears to listen and our eyes to see.” — Margot Errante

“20 Years of China — Moments in Shadow” is a solo retrospective exhibition of artworks by Margot Errante with the support of the Italian Consulate General of Hong Kong and Macau.

This exhibition comprises a multimedia projection and sound installation with Marco Iannelli as well as a collection of photographs. These works represent Margot’s moments of China spanning from 1996 through 2016 though a country she has identified with as ‘home’ from a young age. “Moments in Shadow” neither purports to be documentary nor another compilation of historic moments nor a national narrative. The collection is bound together by the overarching theme of stories of humanity and Margot’s evolving relationship with the land, its people, and her artistic eye.

Often minimally-lit and drawing influence if not inspiration from chiaroscuro technique, Margot plays with light and shadow to draw attention to what might otherwise be unseen or overshadowed, seeking ever to transmit emotion rather than describe in explicit granularity.

Each photograph thus invites a reflective exchange between the recognition of Margot’s vision, her scaffolding of light and emotion, and the onlooker’s individual exploration of the stories suspended in the shadows of each photograph, the details shaped by stirred memories, their individual experience and imagination.