15 JUNE - 15 JULY 2019 | 10am - 8pm


Artist Statement

We are born temporarily, somewhere, and little by little we build in us the place of our origins, to be born later again and every day more definitively. Our mind meets the landscape everywhere. It does not belong to us, but it is personal. We build it while we walk through it with our body and our history, in the continuity between inner space and outer space that trespasses our skin. We build it in that poignant encounter of our form and its subject. Ultimately, we are the landscape. Every atom in our body comes from a star that has exploded. Every atom of our body, before becoming part of us, has passed through millions of other stars. We are, each of us, a small universe. Each with its own inner landscapes. And “it takes many places within us to have any hope of being ourselves”, as French philosopher and psychoanalyst J.-B. Pontalis once said.

Project Description

Shot between 2018 and 2019, Mindscapes is an ongoing search. The volumes, spaces and historical buildings are compressed between the verticality and horizontality of manipulated forms. The conventional perception of architectures is transposed into alienating visions, through a manipulation that clearly rejects the idea of a faithful representation of the landscape, typical of traditional photography. These images are the result of the digitally manipulated composite of multiple photographs that the artist took in Como and in her erratic life. The integration and stratification of different geographies forged the creative process that led to the shaping of these surreal landscapes.