1997 - 2017

Artist Statement

China Chronicles is a selection of works that represent the artist's topic moments and visions during her twenty years of life in China. One night in early 2009 Errante lost in Beijing most of her archive: someone broke into her flat and stole all of her films, slides and hard disks. Some photos of this collection are film scans or slides that she had stored in Italy, others are digital images that she was carrying in her bag. Of the more than 10,000 photos that she had taken since her first landing in China, in 1997, only about a hundred were recovered. Following this tremendous loss, the artist left the Chinese capital and never returned. She moved to Hong Kong, where in 2015 she started putting together "China Chronicles", a collection that will be gathered in a photographic book. Each image is accompanied by a short story that provides an account of the artist's perception of the post-Xiaoping China.

"China to me was very much about silence. It was about hundreds of feet pedaling like wild animals in search of a bite. It was about humid thoughts and visions; about the shadows of its jungles. China was an escape, a safe place where to hide. For twenty years."

© margot errante